Wellkin's first store opened in 2007

An established creative position has taken on a new resonance in relation to scalp treatment in the market.

Wellkin helped popularize the scalp treatment in the market by introducing high quality and advanced scalp care programs at affordable prices. Wellkin differentiated itself from its competitors by providing professional hair loss care combined with its scalp massage technique which made Wellkin more competitive in the market.

Korea No. 1 in terms of Number of Branches and Brand Awareness

In 2010, Wellkin becomes No. 1 in terms of number of branches in the third year of establishment.

Wellkin has recorded 0% closing down for 7 consecutive years (2017-2013) since its introduction to the market. As of 2019, Wellkin is still holding its top spot in the market with 51 branches in Korea.

Rising demand for scalp treatment worldwide

Wellkin opens its doors overseas to meet the global demand for scalp treatment

As of 2019, Wellkin treatments and products are available in 8 countries with a master franchise in Japan and Singapore.

Korea No. 1 Hair Loss & Scalp Care Clinique

Wellkin receives the Top Korean Brand Award for 7 consecutive years (2013-2019) in the scalp and hair loss category.

  • 1st in number of branches, sales and customer satisfaction

  • Selected as an excellent franchise business by the Korean government organisation

2017, 2018 Best-Loved Brands of Korea

2017 New Growth Companied CEO Award 

2013 Government Supporting Franchise Business

2018 Korea Consumer Appraisal Brand Award

2015 National Consumer Driven Brand Award

Research Institute Approved by KOITA

  • Awarded Korean Minister Prize (Minister of Unification/Kobizstar)

  • Commendation of Korea Food and Drug Admin

  • No. 1 web traffic in hair care category in Korea

Dec. 2016, The Best Korea Customer Satisfaction Award

2014 Korea's Service Satisfaction Award

Member of Korea Certified Association of Trichology

2016 Customers' Most Trusted Brand Award

2013 Customer Love Brand Award

2013 Customer Love Brand Award


#01-01 Parklane Wing of Goodwood Park Hotel

22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221


E: consult@wellkin.sg

T: (+65) 6834 2544

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